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For Immediate Release: August 16, 2022
Contact: Nancy Jackson (213) 978-1960

AThe Ethics Commission is pleased to welcome Courtney La Bau to its board. Commissioner La Bau was appointed by City Council President Nury Martinez to a five-year term that will end on June 30, 2027.

Commissioner La Bau has over 20 years of experience in the international political and business arenas. She is a strategic advisor, published author, and speaker on national security, counter-extremism, culture and business around the world, specializing in strategic partnerships and building cross-cultural bridges. Over decades, Courtney has worked in senior roles on behalf of the federal government, think tanks, law enforcement agencies, and the private sector. She has lived and worked in over 65 countries and has been featured on CNN, ABC, Al Jazeera, Euro News, The Hill, and Sky News Arabia.

Commissioner La Bau is the CEO & Founder of CLB Global Strategies, a consulting firm focusing on the intersection of national security and business around the world. She is also an Instructor with the Safe Communities Institute at the University of Southern California, a Political Partner for the Truman National Security Project, and co-head of the Homeland Security & Community Resilience Group.

Commissioner La Bau is the former Chief Global Strategy Officer for Neocova, the former Vice Chair of Emerge California, and a former Global Investor for JPMorgan Securities. She received a Business Administration Degree from the University of Southern California.

“We are pleased to welcome Commissioner La Bau to the Ethics Commission,” said David Tristan, the Ethics Commission’s executive director. “She joins an excellent board, and we look forward to benefitting from her knowledge and expertise.”

The Ethics Commission was created by voters in 1990 to administer and enforce the City laws that help ensure fair and transparent government decisions. It has five part-time commissioners, who serve staggered five-year terms and are appointed by the Mayor, the City Attorney, the Controller, the City Council President, and the City Council President Pro Tem. Commissioner La Bau joins President Shedrick Davis, Vice President Jeffery Daar, Commissioner Laura Genao, and Commissioner Manjusha Kulkarni.

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The Ethics Commission was created by Los Angeles voters in 1990 to impartially administer and enforce the City’s governmental ethics, campaign financing, and lobbying laws.

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