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For Immediate Release: September 8, 2020
Contact: Nancy Jackson (213) 978-1960

The Ethics Commission announced that the fundraising window for City Council and Los Angeles Unified School District candidates in the regular 2022 elections opens today.

Individuals who are interested in running for office in the 2022 elections may not solicit or receive campaign contributions until they have filed required paperwork with the Ethics Commission.  Candidates who wish to file may do so by emailing all required paperwork to and providing the originals by postal mail.

Among other campaign finance laws, City and LAUSD candidates are subject to per-person campaign contribution limits.  For the regular 2022 elections, the amount of money that a single person may contribute to a single City Council candidate is $800, and the amount that a single person may contribute to a single LAUSD candidate is $1,300.

The fundraising window for 2022 Citywide candidates opened on March 8, 2020.  The 2022 primary election is currently scheduled to be held on March 8.  However, if California Senate Bill 970 is adopted and the City conforms its elections accordingly, the 2022 primary election could be moved to June 7.

For questions regarding the fundraising windows, contribution limits, or other campaign finance laws, please contact the Ethics Commission.

To download PDF, click here.

The Ethics Commission was created by Los Angeles voters in 1990 to impartially administer and enforce the City’s governmental ethics, campaign financing, and lobbying laws.

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