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Communities United for Bass for LA Mayor 2022 [1445924]
Total Amount:
2022 City and LAUSD Elections
Karen Bass for Mayor
Independent Expenditure Communications
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Campaign Expenditures
Campaign Expenditure Date Candidate/Officeholder Committee Payee Reported on Type Category/Description Amount Sort Date Payment Date (opt.) Payee First Name Payee Last/Business Name Payee City Payee State Payee Zip Payee Committee ID Intermediary Candidate/Officeholder First Name Candidate/Officeholder Last Name Office Committee ID Committee Name Expenditure Type Expenditure Category/Description Expenditure Amount Beginning Balance (Debt/Loans Only) Amount Incurred (Debt/Loans Only) Amount Paid/Forgiven/Interest (Debt/Loans Only) Ending Balance (Debt/Loans Only) Reporting Period Begins Reporting Period Ends Vendor First Name Vendor Last/Company Name Vendor Amount Paid Memo Payments Made (Form 460, Schedule E) Amt Payments Made (Form 460, Schedule E - Subvendor) Amt Debt Incurred (Form 460, Schedule F) Amt Debt Incurred (Form 460, Schedule F - Subvendor) Amt Agent/Ind Contractor (Form 460, Schedule G) Amt Loans Made (Form 460, Schedule H) Amt Campaign Contribution (Form 460, Schedule D) Amt Non-Monetary Contribution (Form 460, Schedule C) Amt Contributions Made (Form 57) Amt Spending Information (Form 57) Amt
* Expenditure Date was not reported, therefore the Period End Date of the filing was used for the purposes of this search. State Form 460 does not require committees to report expenditure dates.