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What Do I File?

Independent Spenders

Filing Schedule

The following forms must be filed:

Form Required
Period Covered
Due Date
Required Per Activity

The following forms may be required when you make or incur independent expenditures of (or one or more payments for member communications totaling):

Form Required
Due Date

$1,000 or more

City or LAUSD candidates or City ballot measures

Within 24 hours of expenditure during the 90 days preceding the election or on the date of the election.

$1,000 or more; or

$100 or more if distributed to 1,000 or more persons (200 or more if you qualify as a committee).

City or LAUSD candidates, officeholders, or ballot measures

Within 24 hours of expenditure between candidate filing week and the general election.

Within 5 business days of expenditure otherwise.

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