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For general questions, please contact us.

Executive Staff
David Tristan, Executive Director
Heather Holt, Deputy Executive Director
Jessica Montanez, Commission Secretary

Advice & Disclosure

Campaign Program
Blanca Perea, Manager
Diana Alvarado, Analyst
Hannah Tuber, Analyst

Contracts Program
Lisa Ishimaru, Manager

Developer Program
Eric Eusebio, Manager

Ethics Program
Samantha Rodriguez, Manager
Nicole Enriquez, Analyst
Carlos Patzi, Analyst

Lobbying Program
Kiyana Asemanfar, Manager
Ayojide (Jide) Hospidales, Analyst

Strategic Communications
Nancy Jackson, Director
Tyler Joseph, Director of Policy
Chris Marder, Analyst

Ilya Danilkevich, Director
Wayne Matsumura, Senior Auditor
Jose Guzman, Senior Auditor
Christopher Guerrero, Auditor
Vance Lum, Auditor
Steven Desowitz, Auditor
Taylor Rodriguez, Auditor
Sevak Agazarian, Auditor
Matthew Gonzalez, Auditor

Kenneth Hardy, Director
Kirsten Pickenpaugh, Deputy Director
Stephen Colon, Chief Investigator
Thomas Reynolds, Senior Investigator
Matthew Gill, Senior Investigator
Teresa Judd-Gielda, Senior Investigator
Marisol Aguayo, Investigator
Sabrina Gonzales, Investigator
Dylan Gleadall, Investigator
Deena Wahba, Investigator
Mario Delgado, Investigator
Mark Mendez, Investigator
Daniella Daniali, Investigator
Alejandro Salgado, Investigator

Tim Grant, IT Director
Willie Jones III, Programmer
Tina Fong, Operations Manager
Cathy Garcia, Project Assistant
Jordan Jimenez, Auditor

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